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Aurora Projector

Aurora Projector

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The Accent Studio Projector is a one-of-a-kind, compact, interactive projector that engulfs your space in an aurora wonderland, filled with stars, light, and color with a touch of a button. Bring the northern sky indoors and explore the auroras from the comfort of home.

Additional Features

- Turn Off/On the Aurora, Stars, and Moon separately with ease by buttons on the projector and the remote control

- Built-in Bluetooth Speaker

- 15+ Color Options

- 1 Hour and 2 Hour sleep timers

- Adjustable Brightness, and speed

- 180° Surround Projection Technology

- Included Battery-Operated Remote Control (2 AAA Batteries) (Batteries Not Included)

- Plug and play with included USB-C Cable (No chargeable battery)

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Your Personal Aurora Light Experience

Plug it in, lay back, and feel the relaxing sensation of the northern night sky, all in the comfort of your own home.

Exactly How You Want it

Create a stunning light show effortlessly. With 15 color combinations, adjustable speed and and brightness, make it exactly how you want it.